Hi fractal-freaks!                                                  
Welcome to the Fractal-Studio-website!

Some of you visiting this site may think, oh no, yet another fractal generator! And basically they are right. But only basically...
Of course there are lots of fractal programs, but belief me, most of them are incredibly bad, or are fixed to a special type of fractal. I know, you may have read this on other programs, but we thought, (we, thats Danilo and my person) why not trying to assemble the best and most beautyfull visualisations of fractals into one program? That's how Fractal Studio was born and we think it aint too bad... ;-P

So that you know what you are downloading here, (what we hope you will) you also can get some information on this site.
We have a corner about us, where you find out something of the 2 mad ones, who spent their precious time on writing programs (and sometimes also succeed in doing so...)
Then for the few of you who never heard of "fractals" or for the others who just want to know it a bit more we also have a corner on theoretical stuff, which is not too small.
Of course there is a gallery (must have at fractals) and at the end some links to some other highly recommendable fractal-sites.
So, enough said, download the program and
'enjoy the chaos'!